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operation specifications and precautions for septic tank cleaning
septic tank is a kind of equipment for treating feces and filtering and settling them. the principle is that the solidified substance decomposes at the bottom of the pool, the upper layer of hydrated substance flows into the pipeline, preventing the pipeline from blocking, and giving the solidified substance (excrement and other wastes) sufficient time for hydrolysis. the septic tank refers to a small treatment structure that divides the domestic sewage into compartments for sedimentation and anaerobic digestion of sludge.
quality requirement
the cleaning period of the septic tank is related to the temperature, temperature, nature of the building and the quality and quantity of the drainage water. if the designed cleaning period is too short, the concentration of manure in the septic tank will be too high, and the difference between the designed cleaning period and the actual cleaning period will be too large, which will affect the normal fermentation and sewage treatment effect, and even cause the overflow of manure and affect the environmental health. if the designed cleaning period is too long, the volume of septic tank will be too large and the cost will be increased. according to the code for design of building water supply and drainage (hereinafter referred to as the code), the cleaning period is 3-12 months, and the actual design takes 3-9 months more, while the acid fermentation period in the acid fermentation stage is 3 months, and the acid degradation period is about 5 months. it has been proved that the cleaning period should not be less than 12 months in general, considering the sewage treatment effect, construction cost and management.
1. fecal transport
(1) facilities of manure transfer station (yard and wharf) shall be intact and tidy. the transferred waste water shall be stored in a closed tank. the septic tank shall meet the requirements of anti leakage, anti odor diffusion and anti fly, and shall be equipped with fire and explosion-proof safety facilities.
(2) the excrement in the septic tank shall be transferred in time and shall not overflow.
(3) the fecal pipeline shall be intact and unblocked, and the gate valve shall be tight without damage and leakage.
(4) during the transfer operation, the feces shall not pollute the water body and the operation site. the sewage from the washing operation site shall be properly treated and discharged into the sewage pipe network or collection pool, and shall not be directly discharged into the nearby water body.
(5) when transferring the excrement of the manual collection vehicle to the motor vehicle, the close connection of the transfer operation shall be maintained, and the excrement tank, the excrement bucket and the hand propelled excrement vehicle shall not be parked on the main road at will.
(6) during defecation, the operation shall be careful, and the feces shall not be spilled on the ground around the defecation mouth. at the end of the operation, the dung discharge port and operation site shall be cleaned in time.
(7) fly control measures shall be taken for feces transfer station (yard and wharf). within the visible range, no more than 3 flies / time, no maggots and no more than 4 levels of odor.
2. transportation of excrement by vehicles
(1) the vehicle shall be in good condition and tidy, and the vehicle body shall be free of dirt
(2) the container should be well sealed. the gate valve and inlet shall be tight and provided with anti leakage measures; during transportation, there shall be no leakage and spillage, and the site shall be cleaned after the vehicle leaves.
(3) the load shall be appropriate without spillover; the loaded feces shall be unloaded in time and shall not be stored in the vehicle tank container for a long time.
(4) the excrement shall be discharged in time according to the designated place and shall not be discharged arbitrarily.
(5) after the completion of transportation, the vehicles and auxiliary facilities shall be cleaned in time, and no dirt shall be left.
cleaning operation standard
(1) the waste water and stains cleaned in the septic tank shall be removed and properly treated.
(2) ensure that all septic tank waste water within the scope of service does not overflow.
(3) in case of any abnormal situation such as sewage overflow from the septic tank, it shall arrive for treatment within 8 hours after receiving the notice.
(4) in the process of cleaning up, corresponding safety precautions should be taken.
cleaning procedure
(1) open the cover plate of the septic tank with an iron hook, and then use a long bamboo rod (8m) to disperse the sundry caking layer in the septic tank.
(2) drive the suction truck to the work site, set up the suction hose (5m long, 3 for standby) and put it into the septic tank.
(3) start the switch of the septic truck and suck out the feces until the feces in the septic tank are completely sucked, so as to prevent the work site and the clothes of passers-by from being soiled.
(4) cover the well cover of the septic tank and wash the working site and all tools with clean water.
(5) once a year, 90% of the primary tank, 75% of the secondary tank and all the hard surfaces of the tertiary tank shall be cleaned and transported.
(6) after cleaning, there is no accumulation floating on the well, the entrance and exit are unblocked, and the sewage does not overflow the ground.
(7) in 10-15 minutes after the septic tank well cover is opened, people are not allowed to stand beside the tank, and it is forbidden to ignite or smoke beside the tank, so as to prevent people from being burned by biogas fire.
(8) do not work in the pool to prevent people from poisoning or falling into the water
(9) the workers shall not leave the site after the septic tank well cover is opened. after cleaning, the well cover shall be covered to prevent pedestrians from falling into the well.
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